6 Expert Tips to Create a Modern Backyard Oasis

Our Portland steel fencing experts understand that homeowners face unique problems today when trying to create their dream backyard. Modern homeowners are faced with privacy issues, and less space to create a peaceful area necessary to escape from the pressures of the outside world. Regardless of these difficulties, our fencing experts have compiled a list of how to make any space feel like an oasis.?

Expert Tip #1 Plants Indigenously?

Our Portland steel fencing experts work closely with landscape designers and gardeners alike to create the perfect backyard oasis. They suggest that when you plant trees and greenery in your backyard, that you plant things that thrive in the climate that you live in. This will be better for the environment and will save you money in the long run. With multiple, pleasing colors to choose from, Our ColorMAX fencing looks good next to vines indigenous to the Pacific Northwest, maple trees, rose bushes, or cactuses for a warmer climate.

Expert Tip #2 Create Shady, Comfortable Areas

Our experts suggest creating shaded and covered areas around your backyard to protect yourself from the changing weather. Place an umbrella above your patio table or an awning along your deck. This helps to create a space that you can enjoy all year long.

Expert Tip #4 Create One Focal Area

Whether it is a table, a water feature, or a fire pit, place something individual in your backyard that speaks comfort to you. Our Portland steel fencing experts especially recommend a fire pit in your backyard for those cool summer nights. Our steel fencing can withstand intense heat without scorching or warping, so there is no need to be concerned about the heat.

Expert Tip #5 Plenty Of Light

To enjoy your space fully, our Portland steel fence experts suggest that you ensure that there is plenty of lighting in your backyard paradise. Softer, string lights are generally preferred because they emit a relaxing light across the entire area.

Expert Tip #6 Ensure Privacy By Installing a Fence.

Of course, the key piece of advice to creating a backyard oasis is ensuring privacy by installing a privacy fence. Our Portland steel fencing experts understand that in modern housing situations, often neighbors are placed right next to one another. Even if you are lucky enough to have space between you and your neighbors. It is difficult to feel at ease when you are out in the open. ColorMAX steel privacy fencing offers an attractive way to give yourself and your family the tranquil backyard of your dreams

Superior Steel Privacy Fencing

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