Common HOA Considerations When Installing a New Fence

It happens more than one might think – a homeowner in a gated community picks the perfect fence for their backyard, goes through the installation process, finally has their dream fence built, and then is promptly given a citation to take it down due to Homeowners association rules. Our portland steel fencing experts want the fence you get with us to be your forever fence, which is why Portland modern steel fencing experts tend to recommend consulting with your HOA before breaking ground on a new privacy fence as every HOA has slightly different rules when it comes to fencing.

That being said, our Portland steel fencing experts have compiled a list of common HOA considerations when planning to put up a fence.?

Height Restrictions

A common issue between homeowners and the HOA are restrictions on fence height. For instance, our modern fencing experts have observed HOA rulings where the backyard fence can go up to 6 feet high, while the front yard can not be farther than 3 feet high. This can be for a number of reasons, from visuals and aesthetics to safety concerns.

Though something like this may seem like the privacy fence of your dreams is out of your grasp, there are many options around this. You can implement a tiered system between your backyard fence and front fences so that the change in height feels more natural. You can also forgo the front fence entirely and simply build a completely private space for you and your family.?

Obstruction of Views?

Another common issue related to high restriction is the obstruction of views. Many gated communities, in particular, have significant property prices because of their proximity to beautiful scenery, from ocean sides to man-made lakes and ponds. It is understandable then, that if someone paid for a view, and that view becomes obstructed by a fence or structure, there would be complaints.

Our Portland Steel fencing especially tend to recommend placing any intended new structure under the review of the entire homeowners association for this reason. So that when it is time to build, you will know that this is your forever fence. To make sure that your privacy fence is not obstructing any views, you may be able to have shorter panels with more spaced out panels above to ensure those who need to can see through the cracks.

Resistance to Severe Weather?

In heavy storm and wind-prone areas like Florida, and most coastal areas in the US, many homeowners associations have specifications for fences and their ability to withstand extreme weather conditions such as heavy storms and even hurricanes. A flimsy fence may become a danger in these situations as they may break and hit houses, cars, or even people.

Ensuring with a professional in the fence industry is heavily recommended to ensure that you are getting a strong fence that will stand the test of time. Our Portland fencing experts always recommend steel fencing if your goal is to build a strong fence that can withstand heavy rain, wind, sun, or anything else that comes the fences way.

It may seem as if bending to the HOA?s rules will make it so that your individual style and taste are lost, but ColorMAX fencing has a variety of customizable components that will satisfy both you and your homeowner’s association. For more information and expert tips, follow our blog at

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