Best (and Worst) Fences for Your New Puppy

When preparing for a new puppy, many things need to be put into consideration. One of those things is how to keep that puppy safe when they are running outside of the home. Our Portland steel fencing experts tend to suggest adding a fence to your property so that the newest member of your family has the freedom to roam around your property. That being said, not all fences are made the same, especially when they are meant to protect our furry friends.

Advantages of Building a Fence for Your Dog

Most pet care enthusiasts will agree that dogs are not meant to sit at home all day or only go outside on daily walks on a leash. Dogs need to be able to stretch their legs and explore the world around them on their own. This need is not just physical, but emotional as well. As puppies develop, they should be able to run and explore with-out the constant supervision of their owners. Mounting a fence along your yard will give your pup the opportunity to roam freely. This will also give you the peace-of-mind you need knowing that your puppy is safe.

Our Portland steel fencing experts suggest taking the time to measure out the amount of space, however small, around your property to create a safe-haven for you and your dog. That being said, not all fences are cut from the same cloth, especially when it comes to keeping your new pup safe and secure. So what are the best and worst fences to post in your property? Our steel experts have come up with the answers.?

Best Fences for Dog Ownership?

Most steel fencing experts will agree that chain link fences are a good option for raising a dog, but it comes with a price. Chain link fences are the proper height so that your dog will not be able to jump over, no matter how big it gets. It is also secure enough that smaller dogs and puppies will not be able to escape through any cracks. Chain link fences do, however, detract from the look and feel of your home. Overall, it can be labeled as an “eyesore” for neighbors which is something you do not want.

Our Portland steel fencing experts tend to recommend privacy fencing highly when it comes to dog ownership. The seamless slats mean that there will not be the risk of your pup slipping through the cracks and it is tall enough that no dog would be able to hop over the top. Privacy fencing is also a sleek way to keep you and your family’s space private. If you choose the right kind, there is no worry of your neighbors proclaiming you an “eyesore” instead you can add to the value of the neighborhood with your sleek new fence.?

Though wood is a popular fencing material, it is not generally recommended for dogs due to the wear and tear that can come both from the weather, and your dog’s claws. Steel privacy fencing will look good, and save you the headache of having to replace it only a few years after buying like you would have to do with a wood fence.?

Fences to Avoid

Our Portland fencing experts tend to recommend that you avoid picket fences as they are not tall enough, for most dogs to be completely secure. What’s more, they have plenty of holes where small dogs can slip through the cracks.?

Pet experts in the area tend to recommend avoiding invisible fences as well. This may seem like the easiest option, but it hurts your dog by shocking them Every time they cross an invisible line. This is unhealthy psychologically, especially for a puppy or rescue dog as they are being punished for crossing a barrier they can not see. There is also no means for protection for the dog from the outside world, making your pup much more susceptible to outside dangers.?

Portland steel fencing experts, along with pet care experts all seem to agree. Fencing your yard is better for you, and your puppy. But that does not mean that all fencing is cut from the same cloth. In order to learn more about superior fencing options, follow our blog at

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